Premium Courier

Van den Boogaard Snelvervoer from Geldrop offers a range of high-quality courier services, including our Premium Couriers. These experienced professionals accompany your packages from the very first moment of shipment to personal delivery at the final destination. Our Premium Couriers ensure that your shipments arrive safely and on time, wherever in the world they need to go.

Borderless operations throughout Europe

Our Premium Couriers are trained to transport important freight to more distant destinations, with air travel often being the most convenient mode of transportation. This not only offers speed, but can also be surprisingly cost-effective.

Flexible and reliable premium couriers

We also offer a wide range of other courier services, such as express deliveries for urgent shipments, bulk cargo distribution and customized logistics solutions. Our flexibility and reliability make us the ideal partner for all your transportation needs. With Van den Boogaard Snelvervoer you are assured of a professional and carefree handling of your shipments.

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